Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 10:58:16 -0500

From: Lewis Sanborne lsanbore[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SAUNIX.SAU.EDU

Subject: Re: Anodyne Expletives

This thread reminds me of the poem my father brought home from work one day

in the mid 60s. The trick was saying at as fast as possible. Precocious

elementary student that I was, I promptly memorized it so that I could

recite in class. OOPS! The phone call home questioned where I had learned

such verbiage. Here 'tis:

Pies, cheeses, crust,

Got damp in the cellar.

Go, by Godfrey,

And get Dan's hat

That got damaged by fire.

I was also to slow to catch on when my sister returned from college and

exclaimed "Bear Stories" whenever a misfortune occured.

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