Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 11:55:02 -0500

From: Leo Horishny Leo_Horishny[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]POL.COM

Subject: Doofus

The question of the proper spelling of doofus is a good one. I would not have

thought about it being spelled dufus. Doofus looks right, IMHO. I vote for

that one! g

While we're on this topic, I had an occasion to attempt to spell diffugeldy

and found myself trying to spell a word I'd heard often and knew full well its

definition, but previously had never tried to spell it! Has anyone else on

the list heard this term which refers to messed up, snafu'd, and so on, but

with a note of whimsy. "That's all diffugeldy" or "It's all diffugeldy"

leo_horishny[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]