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Subject: Re: [p*tut]

On Thu, 20 Apr 1995 08:41, Katherine Catmull writes:

There was an airline ad campaign from the '70s called "Take Me Along," in

which singing, dancing wives begged their husbands to take them along on

business trips. "I love ya, sweet patootie, but my office is my duty!" the

The song is actually from a musical of the late '50s, also called

"Take Me Along" (based, if memory serves, on the stage play "Ah,

Wilderness"). I don't remember whether the line cited above is in

the musical or not, so it may have been introduced by the ad writers,

but it is certainly in the spirit of the original. The musical is

set rather earlier in the century ('20s? 'teens?), so words like

"patootie" might have been adopted to suggest the era of bee's knees

and cat's pajamas.

The point of all this being that although the ad ran in the '70s,

I think "patootie" was kind of a fossil by then.


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