Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 00:45:47 CDT


Subject: Re: need of gerunds

Anton Sherwood posted several questions, and devoted listers mus respond to

one and all except that I'm not responding to all.

Krazo Airlines flew in and out of Columbia Regional Airport in Missouri.

I never heard of Slozark, but Greene and Boone Counties would have different

traditions out of spite if not in fact.

Before we took a hammer to a coconut, we tediously poked holes in the eyes

to drain the milk before busting it up. It was always dissappointing when

we got a coconun that didn't have milk for the liquid in coconut cream pies.

I've had second thoughts about my posted recipe for ambrosia. I can remember

a serious argument about whether it should have whipped cream, or even

whipping cream. Out neighbor objected to innovations. Just fruit, and

(obligatory) coconut. This was in the 1940s when you got whipping cream

from a cream separater, not from a paper carton. The faster you turned the

handle the richer the cream. DMLance