Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 08:14:35 -0500

From: Joan Livingston-Webber webber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CWIS.UNOMAHA.EDU

Subject: Death Cigarettes

My listserv mail has again been hovering somewhere in cyberspace,

so I don't know what started this thread. But, here, right from

a package of cigarettes called "Black Death Filter Cigarettes"--

black and gold and silver packaging. Logo on the front is a skull

in a top hat. The address on the package is "Made in the EEC

under license from BLACK DEATH U.S.A. BEVERLY HILLS, CA., U.S.A."

It does not appear to be us tobacco companies cashing in, but

a European (perhaps novelty?) company. It does have the

requisite us product warning. It does not, like us cigarettes,

say anything about where the tobacco was grown.


Joan Livingston-Webber webber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

"What gets better is the precision with which we vex each other."

-Clifford Geertz