Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 21:41:24 -0700

From: Anton Sherwood dasher[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]NETCOM.COM

Subject: with a name like ADS-L, it had better be interesting

Death Cigarettes remind Larry Horn

of the routine Monty Python used to

have (or some other group--does anyone recall it?) that played off the old

"With a name like Smuckers it HAS to be good", creating e.g. Vomit brand

canned ham or Dead Cat brand aerosol . . .

SNL, I believe; I can hear Jane Curtin delivering the pitch.

= =

Jerry Miller's stepmother called a kitchen sink a "zinc".

Isn't that what Germans call the counter?

= =

Natalie Maynor asks,

Is there also a converse for "namesake"? I've wondered about that before.

Converse? I've always thought of it as symmetric.

*\\* Anton Ubi scriptum?