Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 02:00:00 LCL


Subject: Re: s'mores and thousand island dressing

smores--are a mythical treat said to be made by girl scouts and other

campers who take a graham cracker and load it up with peanut butter, some

marshmallow glop, and a Hershey bar and then heat the pile of yuk until the

chocolate melts.

i've never heard of peanut butter on a s'more (note the apostrophe),

and i was a girl scout for way too long (into high school, even).

real s'mores are not made with marshmallow glop, but with a toasted

marshmallow--it's a campfire treat, though people try to recreate the

effect (lamely, i say) at home.

if the etymology isn't transparent to you: it's some more (because

that's what you'll eat, even after you've got a tummy ache).

now, if you've gotten this far, could you tell me if "thousand island

dressing" comes from the thousand islands in new york? the american

heritage says "possibly." a bottle i saw here recently had a picture

of a woman hula-ing on the label, which amused me, since i think of

the thousand islands as a place where you need a sweater.

food seems to be our major concern around here.