Date: Sun, 24 Apr 1994 12:17:09 EST


Subject: Not in Kansas

All the anecdotes make me want to add a couple of my own. Soon after we

were married, my Michigander husband was cooking dinner and asked me for

a "calendar." I was puzzled and told him there was one hanging on the

wall in the bedroom. His confused look made me realize that he really

wanted a colander. Sometime later this Detroiter mentioned needing to

wear a "salad-colored" shirt. I looked down at the salad I was eating

and thought 'green with litle bits of orange and purple??' Then it

dawned on me that he needed a solid-colored shirt. I'm getting used to

his 'Great Lakes Vowel Shift' pronunciations. I know now that Ellen is

a man's name.

By the way, when I was a kid in Kansas I always thought it was "Toto" with

a 't'.

Nancy Elliott

Indiana University