Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 18:57:28 -0400


Subject: /ng/ - /n/ / __T

Recently, Rudy Troike wrote:

David Johns' great homonym of lengths : links of /ng/ to /n/ in length ,

which I first noticed hearing from James Alatis, who grew

up in a Greek family in Ohio. For a long time I thought it was

idiosyncratic, but in recent years I have been hearing it from a

number of speakers, primarily northeastern, but

also from some African Americans (mostly Ph.D.s) not from that area.

I wonder if there is any Atlas survey data on this, or any other information.

The same change of velar to alveolar nasal also affects strength .

Having the pleasure of working in James Alatis' office, I

decided to see if this /ng/ - /n/ was true. The conversation sort of

went like this:

AD :Dean Alatis, how do you say /lengT/ ?

JA :/lenT/ ?

AD: Never mind... that's all I needed to know...

He also told me that cot is equal to caught for him. One of

the few people I've met here that this is the case. BTW, I thought

he got his undergrad degree in Ohio, but he grew up in West Virgina.

At least, that's what he tells us.


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