Date: Mon, 4 Apr 1994 10:04:49 EDT


Subject: Re: Gum chewing

On Fri, 1 Apr 1994 01:44:27 CST Donald M. Lance said:

I remember Johnson's remark because it reminded me of the task that the five

siblings on our family had fun with in the early 1940s. Johnson's remark

wouldn't've reminded me of that scene on the Knox farm west of town if

he had said anything other than "walk backward and chew gum." My recollection

is that Johnson was not just insulting Ford but commenting on potential

dangers in the election. It's popular, and politically positive, of course

to remember only the coarseness of Johnson's speech. Who knows what's

correct? Political correctness isn't exactly new. For a long, long time it

has been politically incorrect to say nice things about Lyndon Baines

Johnson. He's not a hero of mine, but he did get the Civil Rights Act

Thanks Donald,

Although I am disappointed not to hear confirmed the hilarious insult as it

was passed on to me, I suspect there are more memorable quotes from LBJ that

can be verified. LBJ suffered in comparison to the Ivy Leaguers in some peoples

eyes, but his accomplishments were of major proportions; his failures also.

He will be remembered for a long time. Even though it may be politically

incorrect in some circles to speak favorably of him, I kinda want to slip

in a kind word. He came from nothing to become the most important political

figure in the world. Yahoo Lyndon! Sorry. :-)

Mark Ingram

Lexington, Ky