Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 08:27:42 -0400
From: Paul McFedries
Subject: Re: meat-eater & qualifer

I've seen "meat eater" used as a synonym for "aggressive." I first saw it in
an InfoWorld story (2/10/92) on a shake-up of Microsoft executives. The
following quote refers to Steve Ballmer who, from what I've heard, is
aggression personified:

But some industry watchers say the new executive arrangement
is, in fact, a horse race, where one person will eventually
be singled out as president. "Ballmer is a meat eater, and
this is the next stop to Ballmer's becoming president," said
a source.

This also reminds me of a neologism I once used in the early days of The
Word Spy:

agressocracy, noun
A society in which the most aggressive members rise to the top.

Paul McFedries
Word Spy:

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> 1. Has anybody ever seen the use of "meat-eater" before/ Example:
> But the stories from the 30th Precinct--and those told last year to an
> investigative commission--are about a new breed of meat-eaters --police
> officers who have become indistinguishable from the criminals they were
> supposed to be catching. (5/19/94 WP A1)