Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:53:42 +0900
From: Gao Yongwei <951208[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]FUDAN.EDU.CN>
Subject: Meat-eater & qualifier

Dear all,

My questions today are:
1. Has anybody ever seen the use of "meat-eater" before? Example: But the storie
s from the 30th Precinct--and those told last year to an investigative commissio
n--are about a new breed of "eat-eaters"--police
officers who have become indistinguishable from the criminals they were supposed
to be catching. (5/19/94 WP A1)
2. Qualifier, so far as I know from all the dictionaries available, means a pers
on who qualifies. But I have collected several citations in which it means a mat
ch (of course, a qualifying one). Has any new-word dictionary recorded it?
And I have also found its abbreviated form "qualie". Example: And this is the world's seventy-ninth-best player, one who has to play the Montreal qualies. (Esquire 7/96 p65)

Thanks for your help!

Yongwei Gao
Fudan University,
Shanghai, China