Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 20:46:14 +0100
From: Aaron Drews
Subject: Transatlantic E-mail

I remember when I was at Edinburgh for an undergraduate year, and "e-mail"
was always treated as a count noun, with "an" and "-s". It sounded wierd
to me.

Then I got back to the States, and I seldom heard it as a count noun, but
certainly as a transitive verb.

Now I'm back at Edinburgh and I'm all confused. For me, it's now a count
noun and a transitive verb. It's usually only the technologically
advanced people here that use 'e-mail' as a transitive verb.

Has anybody heard an e-mail address referred to as an e-mail number?
That's common here, at least amongst the student population. Then again,
all of the students' addresses use their matriculation number.


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