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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 00:22:24 -0700
From: Bill King
Subject: Re: guzillions

The basis of the difference is phonetic. Guh is Northern. Gah is Western and Midland. What do people say in New Orleans?

In the West, where Otto = auto, gazillion. On the East Coast, guzillion.

There are godzooms of other guh- gah- words out there. Is it possible that
the g+vowel is based on 1) a nonsense syllable meant to convey the notion of disbelief, and that possibly this is based on "God," as in "God knows!" or
"God Almighty...!" a la gadzooks?

Bill King

A. Vine wrote:

> Avi Arditti wrote:
> >
> >
> > Next Sunday the topic will be *g /uh/ zillion.* I have even heard :guzillionaire.: If anyone would like to contribute any thoughts, please do -- I might read your note on the air.
> >
> Avi,
> I would write the word "gazillion" rather than "guzillion". I'm trying to
> figure out why, but I seem to see nonsense or augmentative words in English
> having a "ga" at the beginning: gaga, gads, gazonga, gargantuan.
> Andrea
> P.S. Is VOA still using Xerox Globalview software?