Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:05:18 -0500
From: Grant Barrett
Subject: ADS Site Search Resumes

I have finally received the serial number to take our ADS Site search
engine beyond the demo stage. You can, once again, search the ADS-L
archives and the American Speech indexes. Please accept my apologies
for the delay.

One a side note: I will be in Missouri from Friday June 19 to Monday
June 29. I will be checking email (with my new Palm Pilot III, a
magical invention), attending a landmark anniversary dinner for my
parents, attending my high school reunion and riding round-trip on the
Katy Trail (about 360 miles).

Second side note: Today I analyzed the web site logs and found that
besides hits off of search engines in which the visitor stays about ten
seconds (we were obviously not what they were looking for), we receive
most of our linked visits from the DARE page
(, Jesse Sheidlower's page
at Random House ( and our
page at the American Council of Learned Societies
( Most of the rest of the visits are
from crawlers/email-address-grabbers and folks who entered the site
address manually or have it bookmarked.

Grant Barrett
ADS Web Geek