Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:34:13 -0500
From: Paul Meier
Subject: Digital Dialect Archives

Several of my colleagues who teach accents and dialects, and who act as
dialect coaches to film, the theater and television perceive the need
for a digital archive of primary source recordings of regional American
English , primary source recordings of regional English dialects from
other English-speaking countries, and primary source recordings of
English spoken with an accent. Such an archive could be
internet-accessible, and sound files contributed and disseminated that

I am designing such an archive and my questions to my colleagues in ADS
are these:

1. Is anyone aware of the existence of such an archive, or plans to
construct one?

2. Does such an archive seem feasible and useful?

3. What protocols do you envisage to ensure recordings that would
have the widest validity for academic research across many disciplines?

4. What might make it attractive to you to contribute primary source
recordings from your area of the world for inclusion in such an archive?

5. Would you be interested in receiving a short description of the
archive as it is currently imagined?

Please reply to me personally on any or all of these four points.