Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 12:54:51 -0400
From: Avi Arditti
Subject: Re: 9guzillion9

First, THANK YOU to all who replied to :youdaman.: An excerpt from *Do The Right Thing,: pointed out by Grant Barrett, added some nice sound.

As Allan Metcalf knows, recently I have been doing a weekly feature on American English. The spot is broadcast worldwide on Voice of America. [My regular job is in VOA Special English, producing news and science programs written in simplified English and read slower than standard English.] I try to keep the feature topical. For instance, we just finished a contest asking listeners to suggest new names for traditional letters written on paper, to distinguish them from e-mail.

Next Sunday the topic will be *g /uh/ zillion.* I have even heard :guzillionaire.: If anyone would like to contribute any thoughts, please do -- I might read your note on the air.

Avi Arditti
VOA Washington