Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 16:29:04 -0500
From: Grant Barrett
Subject: Site Revised!

This weekend I switched over the ADS web site ( to the
new look, and I have been noodling it for the past few days

Changes include:

-- Added a separate search engine for the American Speech indexes, and included
a note explaining that the available files are only indexes, not the full
issues of the American Speech. I have a feeling a number of visitors thought
they were getting the whole thing when clicked on the file links.

-- Tried to organize some kind of Reference Materials page. This includes Daniel
Long's excellent list of CD-ROM dictionaries , Susan-Marie Harrington's Dialect
in Literature Bibliography, and some other stuff I snagged from the list at
times when dictionaries, textbooks, audiovisual materials and other related
items came up. Except for the two items mentioned above, I have not attributed
entries to anyone. If you want credit, please let me know.

-- Decreased loading times by eliminating some graphics.

-- Doubled the number of links on the links page, removed outdated items,
provided descriptions for many of the links and categorized them. There are
other, more substantial, links pages out there, and I have resisted the urge to
borrow wholesale from them, but I think you'll find ours are plenty, and

-- Got carried away with the color palette and changed the background to the
color of Ozark mountain red clay (or as close as I could get) with bright
yellow text on top of it. I expect a lot of positive mail on this one, I

-- All the calls for papers from the last couple months of ADS-L are now listed
with the calls from the ADS Newsletter.

-- Added sectional navigation aids on each page underneath the standard site
navigational strip.

-- Removed the student center. It got virtually no traffic, and our newly
expanded links page should lead student to useful resources.

-- I did some basic editing: eliminated double spaces, de-jargonized where
possible (mostly by spelling out acronyms), tried to eliminate words or
sentences in ALL CAPS where appropriate,

I got no takers on the pre-pub error checking, so there are bound to be
mistakes. Let me know when you find them! Nothing quite as bad as a language
site full of typos and misspellings.

Grant Barrett