Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 11:08:37 -0700
From: "A. Vine"
Subject: Re: "Driving While Black"


In the California Bay Area, there is an expression (racist) "Driving While
Oriental". It isn't to illustrate that people are stopped by police because
they are Oriental/Asian; rather, it is a comment on driving skills. I heard
this expression at least 9 years ago. Fortunately, I haven't heard it lately.

bite the wax tadpole

Barry A. Popik wrote:
> The feature story in the Village Voice, 9 June 1998, is "Driving While
> Black: Fear & Loathing on the Jersey Turnpike" by Peter Noel. DWB is
> obviously a play on DWI (driving while intoxicated). On page 39, Noel
> Since 1989--and possibly long before that--state police have been
> "engaged in a program of racial targeting" on the New Jersey Turnpike,
> according to court documents in a pending case against 19 black men and women
> who, in a joint motion, claimed they were illegally targeted, stopped,
> searched, and arrested by troopers on the turnpike in Gloucester County
> between January 1989 and April 1991. Allegedly, the troopers target blacks,
> especially those driving luxury cars such as BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, and
> Lexuses.
> Deja News shows over 700 hits for "driving while black." One of them is
> New Jersey Cop Watch #8 in It quotes lawyer
> Johnnie L. Cochran with "These men were guilty of DWB. Driving While Black."
> I don't know if Johnnie Cochran coined the phrase, but it wouldn't be
> surprising if he did.
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