Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 10:30:26 EDT
From: Carol Andrus
Subject: Re: Metropolitan Diary

I did put 2 shorts in the MD; then I realized that Ron Alexander retains
rights to them and sells them to Reader's Digest for a fortune. The next one I
came across, I sent directly to RD. for 93 words, I got a check for $400.
Here: "I was driving across Kansas and needed some envelopes to mail stuff. I
was driving through this dusty town and saw a store: Sign in gold letters on
the store window: Hooper's Stationary Store. I pulled in, went in, got my
evelopes, went to the counter, no one but Mrs. Hooper at the counter. I said,
are you Mrs. Hooper? Indeed I am, she said. Mrs. Hooper ... and I explained
about her sign. Well what does the one with the "a" mean. I said, unmoving,
immobile, in one place..." She took my money, went to the cash register, got
my change (I could see she was disturbed) and came back and said: Well, honey,
I can explain that. We've been at this location for 17 years."