Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 20:35:15 -0400
From: Laurence Horn
Subject: The Grey Lady comes clean

>From today's New York Times (p. 2, Corrections column):
A report in the Metropolitan Diary column on May 25 about ta nun who bought
a package of cookies at an airport was published in error. The
incident--in which the nun thought that a man was helping himself to her
cookies when in fact she was helping herself to his [elegantly phrased,
eh?]--did not occur recently at Kennedy International Airport [well, I
suppose it COULD have...]. It is a current myth and has been recounted by
a folklorist, Jan Harold Brunvand, in a variety of renditions in two books,
"The Choking Doberman" and "The Mexican Pet."
Well, I take back my previous slur . At least I'm quite certain Penthouse
Forum has never published a retraction acknowledging that a letter they had
published turned out to have related events that on careful investigation
did not occur.