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From: Gerald Cohen
Subject: Forwarded message re "tinner"

I am forwarding the following interesting message on "tinner," with
thanks to the sender.

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>Subject: ?"a tinner"
>For what its worth, I ran a search on AltaVista, using the phrase in
>quotes of "a tinner" and came up with several (actually, many) sites
>that supposedly have a reference to 'tinner'. Unfortunately, the first
>one, as shown below, could not be called up. It seems to indicate that
>'tinner' could also be a reference to an itinerant peddler, one who
>could do some of the work of a tinsmith. In rural areas, they would
>travel from farm to farm, both selling and repairing items of tin. They
>were limited in the range of tinsmith work that could be done, to the
>extent that they couldn't carry certain tools/supplies with them. [I
>have an interest in old tools, but I am not an expert on tinsmithing.]
>However, there is another possible connection; is there a relationship
>between 'itinerant' and 'tinner', as there would be with a journeyman,
>minor league player, one who has worked with various teams?
>[[ Tale of a Tinner
> [URL:]
> Tale of a Tinner. When I was about eight or nine years old, a
>peddler, by
> the name of Michael Beasom, began coming to our house.
> called him...
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>You've raised an interesting question. Hope that my comments are not a
>waste of your time.
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