Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 08:49:25 -0700
From: Grant Smith
Subject: Re: big weekend

>At 8:22 AM -0700 6/8/98, Yongwei Gao wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>2. Is looksmanship ever recorded in any dictionaries?
>I doubt it's in dictionaries. My suspicion is that was a nonce word (it
>doesn't show up on Nexis, which started cataloguing well after the
>Kennedy-Nixon campaign, so it doesn't seem to have stuck). As the
>quotation suggests, it refers to the use of the physical component of
>"image" politics--control over one's appearance on TV as a key element in
>winning minds and influencing elections. . . . The term "looksmanship"
>itself would
>have been an analogous formation based on the then-popular "brinksmanship",
>dealing with U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union during the Cold War years.
>Or so I'd guess.

I would guess the analogy to be "one-up-manship," a popular phrase meaning
to gain the advantage over others, especially in wit. There was a book
out, I forget the author, entitled, I believe, "The Art of Oneupmanship."
-Grant Smith