Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:52:18 -0400
From: Margaret Ronkin
Subject: Query: PREPONE


I've been assuming that to _prepone_ X (1) means to reschedule X before
the time X was scheduled, and (2) originated in (Asian) Indian English,
possibly Bengali English. Two (not so great) examples - the second of
which is definitely Indian - follow.

Can anyone help me with the origin and of this wonderful word? Is it
current in other Englishes?


Maggie Ronkin


When the Finnair representative spoke to American Airlines office in
Stockholm, American Airlines agreed to waive their portion of this
penalty. But would Finnair waive its portion, well - in no way, whatever.
The customer was wrong to _prepone_ his flight. He would have to pay.

Reliance Industries _prepones_ redemption of debentures
Our Financial Bureau in Mumbai


The company, sources say, is at liberty to advance or _prepone_ the date
of redemption of the principal amount of debentures subject to approval
from the trustees for the debenture holders. A sum of Rs 125.78 crore on
debenture series J and Rs 263.77 crore on debenture series K are
outstanding as on June 30, 1997. The debenture series `J & `K are
redeemable on the expiry of a 10-year period with a date of allotment of
February 26, 2002 with an option before the board to redeem the same at a
seven year period.