Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 08:42:34 EDT
From: "Barry A. Popik"
Subject: Big Tobacco; Missoury and Chicagou


"Big Tobacco" lost a legal case yesterday. The Wall Street Journal often
uses the name "Big Tobacco." They're no longer big tobacco _companies_.
True, this fits in headlines, but it makes them sound like a mob. This
follows "Big Oil" and "Big Steel," which I guess are considered neither
Americanisms nor slang. I found a bunch of "Big (Product)" on JSTOR. I
haven't seen Big Computer or Big Chips or Big Browser, though.
Checking News Abstracts for "Big Tobacco" shows:

Jan. 1994-Dec. 1994: 3 hits
Jan. 1995-Dec. 1995: 5 hits
Jan. 1996-July 1997: 82 hits
Jan. 1997-March 1998: 155 hits.


Someone from Missouri wanted me to "show them."
The Dictionary of Americanisms has for "Missouri Indian" "1765 R. ROGERS
_N. Amer._ 104 The inhabitants on this river are called the Missouri Indians."
The Performing Arts in American Newspapers 1690-1783 CD-ROM shows the
Boston News Letter, 28 July-4 August 1726, "Indian nations called Missoury,
Osages, ..." The article also describes a town called "Chicagou."