Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 16:54:36 EDT
From: "Barry A. Popik"
Subject: Uncompromise & other compromises


In the Styles section of today's Sunday New York Times are two full-page
ads for Rockport shoes. The tag line is:

live comfortably. uncompromise. start with your feet.

I guess capital letters are "out."
Anyway, "uncompromise" has a little "R" next to it. On the side of the
page is "1-800-ROCKPORT, Rockport and uncompromise are registered trademarks."
"Uncompromise" is a registered trademark? I can't use that word?
Why doesn't the Goodwill Games trademark "good."
McDonald's Happy Meals trademark "happy."
Quality Inns trademark "quality."
Jesse Sheidlower's THE F-WORD trademark--
One-word "trademarks" (long-established words at that!) make me wonder
what this registered trademark thing is all about, anyway.
Grant B., any opinions?


"Yankees" and Yankee Stadium continue to be a hot subject in these parts,
and I was SURE my stuff on the meaning of the Yankees would be printed
somewhere. As reported before, I lectured before SABR on February 28th, then
sent the stuff to Yankees Magazine and got no reply in eight weeks. didn't reply, either. My angry letter to George Steinbrenner
was forwarded to Yankees Magazine, whose editor called my answering machine.
I called right back, but his secretary said he would be out of town until
next week! I called back next week, and his secretary said he was still out.
I called back a few days later and got an answering machine message that the
editor was out and wasn't taking messages.
The Christian Science Monitor ( published my letter
correcting its erroneous "Big Apple" story last Friday, June 19th, pg. 8. The
letter states that David Fitz Gerald is John J. Fitz Gerald's son, but I wrote
that David was the son of John's brother, James...James Fitz Gerald had hired
Shirley Povich at the Washington Post in 1922. Povich, at 90 years old, wrote
me a wonderful letter on the Fitz Gerald brothers and "the Big Apple." Povich
died two weeks ago at age 92...The New York Times is still waiting for the
"Big Apple" story to be "fit to print." Two people are dead now, so I guess
that helps.
I didn't know the late Tom Creswell very well, but he wrote some things
about me a few months ago that were ridiculously kind.