Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 11:43:06 EDT
From: Allyn Partin
Subject: California

I've been collecting information on Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Barbara
counties. Here are some observations and questions (probably nothing new):
--Does anybody hear "een" in place of "ing" in sentences like: I'm thinkEEN of
goEEN campEEN. ? I know that this isn't something new, but I'm curious to
hear how common it is outside of the So. Cal. area. I've heard it from
elementary school children-people in their mid-fifties. What is being heard
in other parts of the country?
RE:Chain Shifting
--Also, how about words like gardEN & couldEN't with a full short e?
--I'm finding retracted short a's except before an M or N.
--The short a's before N & M, of course, are raising.
--The short e's are falling into the area formerly occupied by the short a.
--There's a very interesting lengthening "crackle" that VALLEY girls and
SURFER guys put on the stressed vowels of important words and also on some
word-final r's and l's.
Thank you,