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ADS-L Digest - 25 Jun 1998 to 26 Jun 1998 98-06-27 00:00:16
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Topics of the day:

1. Who was Titmouse?
2. Hello; Skidoo; Rock and Roll
3. "incent" (2)
4. California
5. "grow" and "incent"
7. News from the American Council of Learned Societies
8. "grow"
9. portobello (3)
10. FWIW: The Language of Fund Raising


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 23:16:08 -0500
From: "Donald M. Lance"
Subject: Who was Titmouse?

I've exhausted myself and three refrence librarians trying to locate a
reference. The following quote + quote is in some editing I'm doing.

I found the following in the monthly magazine of San Francisco, The
Pioneer, for April, 1854:

"Pike" is a genius. He is wrapped up, body and soul, in the state of
Missouri. He forms a class in America which is sui generis. He is as
clanish as a Scotchman. Wherever he goes, he carries with him those
unmistakable characteristics which mark him as from Pike County. His very
gospel is but a paraphrase of Titmouse's poem:

Pike, O! Pike, it is my name
Missourer is my nation
Pike County is my dwelling place,
And Pike is my salvation!

One of this genus "Pike," driving a team across the "perairie" one pleasant
day, met another driver....


The article in which the quoted quote appears is by Allen Walker Read, and
we're publishing it in the Missouri Folklore Society Journal. The article
is about 'Pike', as you might have guessed.

I don't need any more information on Pike -- just a lead on Titmouse. I've
been too busy with other things to learn how to do sophisticated web
searches like Barry Popik and others on ads-l.

When Pike County, Missouri Territory, was established in 1818, no western
boundary was specified -- no doubt because the area hadn't been surveyed,
and Kansas and Nebraska hadn't even been thought of.

BTW, is 'piker' used nowadays by people under 40?