Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:06:09 -0700
From: Yongwei Gao <951208[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]FUDAN.EDU.CN>
Subject: Re: monkey-wrench & push-up

Dear all,

Have you ever seen the following two words:
1. monkey-wrench It s a mushrooming p.r. cloud that threatens to
damage Microsoft both explicitly (if Justice decides to monkey-wrench
Gates Windows 98 plans) and implicitly, by hampering his ability to
influence future legislation on such crucial Infobahn issues as
copyright protection and encryption. (97/11/24 Time p78) The word
should mean "to destroy, to sabotage", but does it have any bearing to
"monkey-wrencher' used in environmental contexts?
2. push-up Let them entertain you, because its their raison
d etre to meander through after-hours private parties at L.A. s hot
boites#-Martini, Viper, Babylon, or any place kept dark enough to
confess your sins in#-with the gloriously dubious purpose of providing a
shot of push-up glamour to the surroundings. (8/94 Esquire p63) Has it
obtained a new meaning?


Yongwei Gao
Fudan University,
Shanghai, China