Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 08:39:31 +0000
From: Peter McGraw
Subject: Re: California -ing

I seem to have heard this as an idiolectal variant all my life, so it
never occurred to me that it was regional. But I grew up in California
and Oregon and now live in Oregon, so I can't be sure I've heard it
outside of the West Coast. I can attest that it's alive and well in
Oregon and has been since my childhood 40-50 years ago. I associate it
with children's speech, as if it's something most people eventually
outgrow--though I haven't a shred of actual evidence for this.


On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 11:57:18 EDT "(Dale F. Coye)"

> I know some people here in NJ who use EEN for -ing, but they have
> Southern California parents. What's interesting to me about this form
> is that I believe it has the dental nasal rather than the velar, but I
> don't think anyone would write it with the apostrophe (-in') and I
> don't think it is stigmatized like older /-In/
> Dale Coye
> The College of NJ

Peter A. McGraw
Linfield College
McMinnville, Oregon