Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:03:50 -0500
From: Mike Salovesh
Subject: Another rock for Barry

We just came across some old sheet music for a song called "Rock me in a
cradle of Kalua"; words by Al Bryan, music by Pete Wendling, copyright
1931 by Irving Berlin, Inc., Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway, New York.
Pictured on the cover is a photo signed "Sincerely Ben Bernie".

Looking at the music, I guarantee it's not rock'n'roll. It's a waltz. I
give both the words and the music very high marks: they are the epitome
of cliches. (See postscript.) The piano arrangement (and the "original
Ukulele arrangement by MAY SINGHI BREEN") are equally boring. Ugh!

Hey, if it's that bad, why are we giving it house room? I guess because
it came in a box I bought at a household auction. It had some great
original sheet music from the same era: Stardust (1929); I don't know
why (1931); etc. One of these days I'll dump the ones I don't care
about on a musical nostalgia dealer we know. With luck, he'll trade me
for some of the great jazz sides he stocks.

-- mike salovesh
anthropology department
northern illinois university PEACE !!!

P.S.: Here are the words. Decide for yourself:

"There's a land of dreams
Paradise it seems
Calling to me o'er the sea
Under shelt'ring palms
I see shelt'ring arms
Waiting to hear my plea.

Neath the Pagan Moon
Let me lie and croon
This tender song through the night
'Neath a starlit sky
watching dreams go by
Rocked in the pale moonlight.


Rock me in a cradle of Kalua
And just let me dream of love
Let me live forever in Kalua
With someone I'm thinking of.

I will forget
Cares that I knew
Where only skies are blue

Rock me in a cradle of Kalua
And just let my dreams come true."