Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 16:25:21 +1000
From: Ross Chambers
Subject: Going postal in Oz

"Going postal" heard in Australia, on Australian Broadcasting
Corporation Radio National "AM" June 6, 1998--in connection with one Mr
Siefer (?) of the US Library of Congress, appealing against his
dismissal after being assessed as being likely to "go postal"

I'm pleased to say that a detailed explanation of this expression by the
writer of the news story was deemed necessary, the phenomenon--in
Australia Post, or elsewhere in Oz, being unknown. (so far!)

The excellent ADS search (thanks) found many posts on the expression, I
could only scan a few, but note some from January 1996.

Kind regards - Ross



Ross Chambers Sydney Australia

"L'Australia non e solo agli antipodi, e lontana da tutto,
talora anche da sa stessa."

(Australia is not only at the Antipodes, she is away from everything,
sometimes even from herself)

Umberto Eco