Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 09:42:16 +0000
From: Jim Rader
Subject: Re: Internment; Hotel

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> OED has "internment" from 1870.
> (A)nd good will at his death, order'd the most magnificent internment for
> him that has been known in New England" is in the New England Courant, 3-10
> August 1724.
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This is pretty obviously either a mental or a typographical error for

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> I forgot to check OED, but BARNHART'S DOE has "1765, in Smollett's
> _Travels Through France and Italy_; earlier, a student residence at a
> university (1748), borrowing from French _hotel_, from Old French _hostel_."
> "Paris, April 30...The Ambassador at his return to his hotel" is in the
> Boston News Letter, 14-21 August 1721.
> "Hotel de Ville" is in the Boston News Letter, 4-11 June 1722.
> "Hamburgh, Oct. 24...hotel" is in the New England Weekly Journal, 15
> January 1728.
> "The Hotel of France" is in the Boston Gazette, 21-27 January 1730.
> "A letter from Paris, Jan 4. ... In the course of this month will be
> shewn at the hotel de Langueville" is in the American Weekly Mercury, 11-18
> May 1738.
> And so on. I deserve a free double-bed for this.

It doesn't look like any of these cites refer to _hotel_ in the sense
"establishment where a guest pays for lodging and usually meals,"
but it's only this sense that the 1760 date refers to. OED2 has
plenty of evidence for earlier senses. "The ambassador at his return
to his hotel" probably refers to the ambassador's permanent
residence, but one would have to check the context to be sure.

Jim Rader