Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 02:53:48 -0700
From: Bill King
Subject: Re: college

I think that you're reading much too much into this. I'd bet that most of the
professional ballplayers of the time were probably academically advanced if
they had graduated from hight school, but many could rhyme college with
knowledge. College of Knowledge -- a rhyme with legs.

I would guess that the person who wrote this fine verse wrote for the newspaper
on a regular basis but was not a player.

Gerald Cohen wrote:

> Never entered any college
> But I'm there on inside knowledge--
> [etc. etc. etc.]
> So, "never entered any college"--i.e. hasn't played in the big leagues,
> "but I'm there on inside knowledge"---i.e., I've learned the game
> elsewhere.