Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 14:05:23 EDT
From: Allan Metcalf
Subject: Re: NADS 30.2 Available Online

What hath Grant wrought! It's awesome. Check for yourself.

The online version is even an improvement over the paper version of the
Newsletter, which went into the US mail this morning (June 5). The latter has
a glaring, though innocuous, typographical error in the table of contents. I
cleaned it up for the online edition.

I should warn readers that there's another part of the newsletter that isn't
available online, namely the inserted newsletters from the Teaching Committee
and the Usage Committee. The respective editors provided the pages for their
newsletters in camera-ready hard copy, so I don't have those pages in
PageMaker, and consequently couldn't convert them to PDF. Maybe we can work
with those editors to include those pages in the future.

- Allan Metcalf
ADS executive secretary and NADS editor