Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 23:57:30 EDT
From: Bapopik
Subject: "It's all good" (Goodwill Games?)

Using the ADS-L search archive, I found this posting, "it's all good," by
Judi Sanders of CSU-Pomona, 2 November 1997:

>I can't speak to the origin of "it's all good" except to say that it is not
in RHDAS, >Major's "Juba to Jive" nor Smitherman's "Black Talk."

>I can say that it is widely used by youths (both male and female, and of all
races) >across the country. Connie Eble collected it this year at UNC, Pam
Munro >collected it this year at UCLA (as she did in 1994), and we collected
it at CFP. >I've also collected it from Cincinatti in an internet survey.

>Not quite an answer to the origins. I'd be interested to hear if anyone's
traced it.

>Judi Sanders

I saw this ad today on the New York City subway:

Something's coming to New York
and it's all good
The Summer of Goodwill
It's good to go
Call 1-800-GOODWILL
1998 Goodwill Games

The 1998 Goodwill Games Fact Sheet
( states that the games will be
in New York City July 19-August 2nd. The Goodwill Games had been held in
Moscow (1986), Seattle (1990), and St. Petersburg, Russia (1994).
A portion of the revenues had gone to charity, so "it's all good."
Did the 1990 Seattle games or the 1994 games use the "it's all good"