Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 09:59:21 -0700
From: Grant Smith
Subject: Re: Scumbag (continued)

> But the key word in this language is one used primarily in lower-economic
>groups, and among youngsters, particularly in the urbanized areas of the
>eastern part of the United States, where semen is called _scum_ and the condom
>is known as _the scum bag_.*
> (* I am informed that this usage is rather limited in the United States
>to the East coast, to urbanized areas, and to immigrants and first- and
>second-generation Americans. Several readers, hailing from the South, Mid-
>West, and Far West, inform me that they had (a) never heard the word used in
>this manner before reaching New York, or (b) never heard the word used in this
>manner before reading this manuscript. I am pleasantly surprised to learn of
>the confinement of this practice to a limited segment of the American

I remember hearing _scum_ used as a designation for semen as a young
teenager in the early 50s in Bellingham WA. The general meaning of _scum_
would seem to make this specific usage among active and poetic teenagers
almost inevitable.

Grant Smith
Eastern Washington University