Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 07:07:45 -0400
From: Fred Shapiro
Subject: Re: Rock 'n' Roll

The question of the earliest citation for _rock and roll_ in its musical
noun usage (as opposed to earlier uses as a sex-related verb phrase) may
be of interest. The OED has a 25 Dec. 1954 citation from _Billboard_,
contributed to them by me, as its first use. I have subsequently found a
slightly earlier occurrence, however:

1954 _Billboard_ 4 Dec. 22 [Alan] Freed is now calling his program the
"Rock and Roll Show."

Freed is often said to have begun using _rock and roll_ in 1951, but I
have been unable to find any usages in print. Listings of radio shows in
Cleveland newspapers from the early 1950s do not use the words in
referring to his show.

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