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Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 11:22:19 -0700
From: Yongwei Gao <951208[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]FUDAN.EDU.CN>
Subject: Re: -hop & car-hopping

Dear all,

I am doing topic-hopping, the frequent switching of topics. The nonce
word is patterned after bed-hop, channel-hop, club-hop, car-hop and many
others. Of the definitions for car-hopping, I am most puzzled: as
bed-hop means to engage in promiscuous sexual relationships ,
car-hopping should be something like the frequent change of automobiles
during a trip . However, I have so far collected three alternatives:
1. Car hopping Soliciting or accepting an invitation for a joy ride,
usually from a stranger. This practice, a growing pastime among teenage
girls in some areas, can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, casual sex,
rape and even murder. Car hopping can also mean stealing a car for a joy
ride, stealing small items from cars or hitching a ride on a rear
bumper. Oh, for yesteryear, when carhops were waitresses at drive-in
restaurants who hazarded nothing more serious than wolf whistles and
tired feet. (96/12/26 U.S. News and World Report Buzzword) Note: this
96 list was provided by Mr. Michael Agne with Webster s New World
College Dictionary.
2. travelling from place to place in an automobile. The players,
however, don t seem to mind the car-hopping from one gym or outdoor
court to another. (Barnhart Dictionary Companion Summer 97)
3. visiting several cars in succession, as in a traffic jam, in order to
socialize. The youths would jam Balboa Boulevard with cars and then
turn the resulting gridlock into a mass party, car-hopping in groups to
socialize, officers added. (Barnhart Dictionary Companion Summer 97)

Are other alternatives available?

Wish you all a nice weekend!

Yongwei Gao
Fudan University
Shanghai, China