Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 14:05:00 EDT
From: Bapopik
Subject: Re: Do the ADS pundits know?


By the way, "pun" is now shortened slang for "capital punishment." I think
there's a recording out by the group Capital Punishment called "Pun" or "Big

WILLIAM SAFIRE ERRORS (a sporadic, continuing series)

I also sent the writeup of my presentation before the Society for
American Baseball Research on "the naming of the New York Yankees" to The New
York Times. I got a form letter rejection. I've been waiting eight years for
them to do an article on "the Big Apple" (some people are now dead), so,
obviously, I've got to work harder, better, and go through a lot more
suffering before I ever get my writing published there.
This was in Safire's column ("Joe Six-Pack") in today's magazine:

"...the editor William Allen White in 1937 called him _John Q. Public_..."

I posted here on ADS-L--quite a while ago--that John Q. Public was
spotted in 1922, in the New York Mail. At least a hundred ADS people must
have read it!
"Joe Blow" should not be quoted to 1867, as the RHHDAS entry makes clear.
I found "Joe Blow" in a Rube Goldberg cartoon prior to WWII--it might also
have come from the NY Mail.
"Joe Doakes" was the name of a cartoon, and I think its origin predates
Lemme read this form rejection letter again. Gosh, I love pain.

"...And we're sorry we cannot use it. Our space is limited..."

Limited? Have you seen all those Lifestyles sections? The special
section on "Teens"? They can't run anything original on the history of New
York City??