Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 13:55:14 +0000
From: Jim Rader
Subject: Re: nativisms

I recall hearing Chowchilla (with un-Hispanic spelling to begin
with) pronounced as something like ['chau chi], with two syllables,
when I was in the San Joaquin Valley in 1972. I've never forgotten

Jim Rader

> California goes nativist too. Vallejo/VuhLAY-ho, Vacaville/Vackaville,
> Chowchilla (guess!), SACKremen-o, Loss Annjealous (Loss Angle-ease), and
> Sandy-ay-go are not quite on target.
> Here's something to chew on.
> Upstate New York also has several cities and towns with names of foreign
> and cities such as Cuba, Poland, Norway, Peru, Russia , Madrid, Rome, Naples,
> Salamanca, Waterloo, Lisbon, Warsaw, Paris, Troy, Syracuse, Carthage, Utica,
> Corinth All of these have English spellings, but for a subset, the native
> language spelling is the same as the English spelling. So, if people use the
> English pronunciation of, say, Cuba, is this going nativist?
> Next: Oneida, Oswego, Ticonderoga.
> Bill King