Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 17:22:34 -0500
From: Grant Barrett
Subject: ADS-L Archive Search

Yesterday I got ambitious and busted up all the digest files into individual
messages and indexed them with the new ADS-L archive search software. There are
13,496 messages, and it's a useful, fast search. I think this has the potential
to be a useful resource for the savvy searcher.

Not all of the messages ever sent over ADS-L are available. We have November
1992 through April 1998, minus three months in 1996 and a month in 1997. Unless
I've misplaced them, or some other soul has them on file, I don't think they'll
ever be added.

Some of the links returned will have the digest headers in front of or behind a
single message (digest headers list all of the subjects of each message sent
for a 24-hour period to ADS-L). This could mean that only the digest headers
will contain the keywords you searched for, but not the accompanying message.
Also, you may sometimes get a digest header all by itself, with no accompanying

These are a side effects of the programs I ran that split the files up
automatically, and fair penalties to pay for the more precise results of
individual messages. Before, we would *always* get complete digests, even if
only one message in the file contained the keywords we were looking for.

Keep in mind that a search for a keyword includes ALL text in a message,
including the user name and email address. So a search for "missouri" will
probably return all of Donald Lance's messages, as his email address is
"engdl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]". See the search page for more of the curious habits
of our search engine.

Finally, I search/replaced all line breaks in each message with a HTML break
tag, and affixed the .html suffix to each file, so that they would view
properly in web browsers. Some browsers may not like it that there is no proper
open/close HTML coding in the document, but you can always Save As text to your

Go straight to the search engine:

Go to the ADS site:

(My company recently changed its domain name, but either and will take you to the same server, same site).

Again, if you have any questions or problems, please let me know.

Grant Barrett