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Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 02:52:27 EDT
From: Bapopik
Subject: Hello (1834)

There's nothing like torching your own theories.
This is from the CINCINNATI ADVERTISER AND OHIO PHOENIX (although the box
said CINCINNATI ENQUIRER), 21 May 1834, pg. 2, cols. 1-2"

The following story will not be worth the less for being true. A
Kentucky horse drover being in South Carolina with a drove...
"Hello! Mister, ..."
"Thing?" holloed Job, "why you make me feel sort o' wolfy..."

For this time period, see, for example, DRAGOON CAMPAIGNS TO THE ROCKY
MOUNTAINS by a Dragoon (James Hildreth) (1830s, reprinted by Arno press in

pg. 24: "Hollo there, stranger!"
pg. 28: "Hollo there, Ben..."

I would have expected "Hollo! Mister," but "Hello! Mister" is definitely
there in 1834. It beats the 1848 New York City "hello" and "ello" citations
by 14 years.