Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 16:09:00 -0400
From: Wendalyn Nichols
Subject: Re: bottles of beer

yes to both queries on lager louts and legless.

Mark Mandel on 05/08/98 12:42:17 PM

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Subject: bottles of beer

>>>>> Andrea Vine writes >>>>>

[...] So I asked [my English source] in what situation he would sing it:
at a football game, in a pub? To which he
replied, "On long, boring coach trips when there's bugger-all else to do."

Which is exactly the context in which I learned it: bus (= "coach"?) trips,
or sometimes hikes. (But on hikes we had the
danger of thirst from so much singing, breathing in the dust our feet
kicked up from the road. Not that we were old
enough for beer.)

>>>>> Wendalyn Nichols adds >>>>>

Or on a fairly short coach trip, if the back of the coach is full of
completely legless lager louts

I assume that "lager louts" are loutish because they're full of brew.
"Legless" = 'too drunk to stand up'?

-- Mark

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