Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 19:44:21 +0200
From: David Sutcliffe
Subject: Re: Deletion of "to"; 'em

I asked about incidence of these features in US speech.

Thanks very much to Mike Salovesh for his reply: a masterly account of a
two, or three-way split between 'em, plural (them), 'em singular ("him)
and 'im (ditto) among white Chicageans. He also confirmed that "to"
deletion as in "I want you folks have..." etc (variant: "I want you
folks uh have...") were common patterns among Irish Americans in that

(I apologize for not copying the full version; for some reason I can't
do it with out extraneous Spanish words copying too)

My follow-up question is, assuming 'em singular is widespread (?), could
contributors give me a bit more feedback on distribution of "to"
deletion in other places: New York, California, not to mention Minnesota
( since that seems to be a dialect area people are sensitive to). For
what it's worth, my impression is that this feature is on the increase,
and somehow not much noticed.

David Sutcliffe
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