Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 09:05:21 -0400
From: Larry Horn
Subject: Re: ADS-L Archive Search

At 5:22 PM -0500 5/19/98, Grant Barrett wrote:
>Yesterday I got ambitious and busted up all the digest files into
>individual messages and indexed them with the new ADS-L archive search
>software. There are 13,496 messages, and it's a useful, fast search. I
>think this has the potential to be a useful resource for the savvy
>Go straight to the search engine:

This is a GREAT service, more than useful, and not just to the savvy
searcher. I was just trying to locate my saved file (if any) of our
discussion of the historical present counterfactual (or sportscasterese
counterfactual, or indicative counterfactual) so I could add to it this
example from a sports talk show this morning:

"If Reggie Miller makes half his shots, the Pacers might win last night."

(he was 4 of 13 and they lost to the Bulls by 6, but the point is arguable).

I couldn't find the file on my disk, but I clicked on the URL indicated,
searched "counterfactual", and instantly turned up our discussion from
October 1995, kicked off by a query from Bill Smith--

'David Justice has just made a spectacular catch preventing the
winning run from coming in. The announcer says, "If Justice doesn't
catch that it's a double and the go-ahead run is in."
Is this general sportscasterese, along with the use of the simple
present for what is going on right now or just Bravesese?'

--and various responses. Thanks for the great work, Grant.