Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 12:14:21 -0700
From: "A. Vine"
Subject: Re: go with

I've never heard it in Texas (Houston), or for that matter in California
(Bay Area). However I've heard it in New Jersey (Trenton) and on Long
Island (Hicksville).

Interestingly enough, it's pretty close to the German construction, e.g.
"Gehst du mit?"


P.S. Peter (Richardson), do you know if there's any relation? I
wondered about that when I heard it in English.

Cynthia Bernstein wrote:
> I have a student interested in study the expression "go with" (without an
> object) as in, "I'm going to the store. Do you want to go with?"
> Does anyone know of studies on the subject? Would you use that expression
> yourself?
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