Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 11:00:01 EDT
From: AAllan
Subject: Request for help with Ozark sources

Here's a followup on an earlier inquiry.
If you can help with the following, please e-mail her at
anastasiya.egupova[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]
Thanks! - Allan Metcalf
Dear Professor Metcalf:

I am very sorry for the late answer.

Thank you very much for the immediate reaction to my inquiry. I also
received very useful information from your colleagues.

Currently I am using PADS 77 and DARE to find words with Appalachian and
Ozark regional labels.

I was also able to find some bibliographies on Ozark English. Unfortunately,
the most of the publications are inaccessible either in the german
libraries or on the Interent.

I am especially looking for

Adams, Emett (1978): "Pon Honor." In: The Ozarks Mountaineer 26:3

Davis, Lawrence M. (1971): "A Study of Appalachian Speech in a Norhtern
Urban Setting," US O. of E. Report OEG-5-70-0046 (509)

Dean, Ernie (1976): "All Things Changing Ozark Folk Speech." Proceedings of
the Conference on Ozark Immigration. Eureka Springs: Arkansas Humanities

Dumas, Bethany K.(1971): "A Study of the Dialect of Newton County,
Arkansas." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Arkansas

Elgin, S. (1983): "On Cows, and the Ozark English Auxiliary." In: The
Lonesome Node 3 (2): 9-16

Inge, M. Thomas (1977): "The Appalachian Backgrounds of Billy DeBeck's
Snuffy Smith." In: Appalachian Journal 4:120-32

Would it be possible for you to help me to access some of these publications?
If it is not possible, please let me know who could help me to find them.

Anyway I am very grateful for the information you have already sent to me
and I thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Anastasiya Egupova