Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 08:59:26 -0400
From: David Bergdahl
Subject: Re: regional distribution?

>>Kim & Rima McKinzey wrote:
>>> My question, though, is how many of you sang (sing?) that with "take one
>>> down, pass it around..." and how many with "If one of those bottles should
>>> happen to fall, (number) bottles of beer on the wall"?
>On suburban L.I. the bottles happened to fall. (We used to go on school
>trips to the city twice a year: once to the Met for an opera--where the
>highlight was to eat at the automat--and once to Ebbitts Field, the Polo
>Grounds or Yankee Stadium. The trip in school buses always was
>accompanied by "99 bottles of beer on a wall"--we never started with a

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