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1. Food folklore, pt. 1
2. ^&**## truncation
3. kleenex, sheetrock, and dragon systems (2)
5. Food folklore, pt. 2 [very long]
6. Friday humor
7. (Buffalo) chicken wings (Was Re: Food folklore, pt. 1 [very long])


Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 00:13:59 -0700
From: Kim & Rima McKinzey
Subject: Re: Food folklore, pt. 1

I had assumed that the name Buffalo wings originated outside of Buffalo -
and the "chicken" was eliminated because of the image of a buffalo having
wings. Just as the English don't have English muffins and the French don't
have French fries or French toast - they wouldn't have been called Buffalo
wings in Buffalo.

The only origin to Caesar salad I've ever heard was the restaurant in
Tijuana. People are still arguing about which is the more authentic - with
or without anchovies and with or without raw egg in the dressing.

And then there's the controversy over who invented the Martini...

(Maybe I'll just have a Caesar salad, some Buffalo wings, and a martini and
forget the whole thing.)